December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

Mid Rnb| August - Break My Heart |*HOT*

Slow Rnb| Bei Maejor - Heavenly Beautiful |*HOT*

Mid Rnb| Bei Maejor - Picking Poison |*HOT*

Slow Rnb| David Sides ft. Sem - Lay In My Bed (Cover)|*MUST HAVE!* Second Version Hereee

Mid Rnb| Mike Winans - Nobody |*HOT*

December 30, 2011

Song of the day! Dec. 30th 2011

I'll tell Edlene to update later on. But here's the song of the day! - LamBoy.

I had to edit this song myself. >_< sorrry.
Slow Rnb|Justin Bieber - U Got It Bad&Because Of You(Mash up)|*MUST HAVE!!*

Slow RnB|Tank - My Heart|*MUST HAVE!!*

December 28, 2011

December 26, 2011

Dec. 26 2011

For New Years, I promise to update as much as possible. If Edlene doesn't, I'm gonna have to beat her up. - LamBoy(:

Mid Rnb|Frank Ocean - Girlfriend's Best Friend|*Hot*

Mid Rnb|Kevin Ross - Gone|*Must Have!*

Mid Rnb|Unknown - Last Christmas|*HOT*

Slow Rnb|Justin Bieber - Christmas Eve|*Must Have!*

December 23, 2011

Dec. 23 2011

:D Here you go.

Mid Rnb|Claude Kelly - International Love|*HOT*

Mid Rnb|Colby O Donis - In Love With You|*HOT*

Mid Rnb|Justin Bieber - All I Want Is You|*MUST HAVE*

December 22, 2011

Dec. 22 2011


Mid Rnb|Javier Colon - A Drop In The Ocean|*OMG! MUST HAVE!!!*

Slow Rnb|Nasri - It's Again|*MUST HAVE!!*

December 19, 2011

Dec 19. 2011

Mid Rnb|Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself|*MUST HAVE!!*

December 17, 2011

Dec. 17 2011

We're sluffin. :((

Mid Rnb|Bryan J - Open Your Eyes|*MUST HAVE*
Mid Rnb|Elliot Yamin - Walk|*MUST HAVE!*
Mid Rnb|Jackie Boyz - Perfect Day|*HOT*
Mid Rnb|Jeremy Greene - Fools Gold|*HOT*
Mid Rnb|Justin Bieber - Forever|*NICE!*

November 29, 2011

November 23, 2011

Nov. 23 2011

"Someday maybe I'll find. The key to the good life. Spend my days on cloud nine. Yeah now wouldn't that be nice?"

Mid R&B|Elliot Yamin - Thats What You Do (Love Someone).mp3*MUST DOWNLOAD*

Mid R&B|Javier Colon - As Long As We Got Love.mp3|*MUST HAVE*

Mid R&B|Nexx Chapter -Did It Different.mp3|*HOT*

Hip-Hop|Childish Gambino - Heartbeat.mp3|*MUST HAVE*

Hip-Hop|Upper West - Wouldn't It Be.mp3|*MUST HAVE*

November 22, 2011


I thought about it, and damn. I miss this website, sharing our music. Everything. I miss it. It's time to start over. WELCOME BACK :D. NEWS! We're gonna be uploading hip-hop, and rnb. Maybe some K-Pop here and there. ENJOY! Spread the word. - LamBoy.

'Mid R&B!|Chris Brown - Medusa.mp3|*HOT*

'Mid R&B!|Jason Chen - Best Friend.mp3|*MUST F*CKING HAVE*

Hip-Hop|T-Pain - 5o clock.mp3|*HOT*

October 15, 2011

October 12, 2011


There's a lack of updates recently. Mostly because of my partner.. And my having problems with my girlfriend.. So I'll hold the updates on later. Sorry. I also deleted my tumblr. So I guess I'm back here. - Lam Nguyen

September 18, 2011

Guess what's back!?

Well the fact that we're back into updating again, but what's back is..
KOREAN MUSIC! After a long duration without Korean music, I thought it would be nice to do it again. :D Well enjoy what I have so far, also i think I we might just keep the music players. Seems like a better idea. :D - LNguyen

K-Pop|B1A4- Beautiful Target.mp3|*Nice*

K-Pop|Cha Cha Malone feat. Jay Park - Single Life.mp3|*Must Have!!*

K-Pop|JYJ (Kim Jaejoong) - I'll Protect You [Protect the Boss OST].mp3|*Hot*

Mid Rnb|Claude Kelly - 10 feet Tall.mp3|*Must Have!*

Mid Rnb|Claude - Take My Breath Away.mp3|*Hot*

Mid Rnb|Cody Simpson - Reason To Love.mp3|*Must Have!!*

September 15, 2011

September 15th 2011

I won't be adding the players, due to lack of people here and that it takes more time. I'm sorry! Just click on the link and listen. :) - LNguyen

Mid Rnb|August - Dangerous
Mid Rnb|Dez - You Where There.mp3
Mid Rnb|Matt Palmer - Fall For You (Another Version) Must Have!!!
Mid Rnb|T-Pain - 1000 Miles.mp3

Slow Rnb|Dean Raven - Baby It's you
Slow Rnb|Dean Raven - Someone Like You Must Have!!!
Slow Rnb|Unknown - Perfect Two.mp3| Must Have!!!

September 10, 2011

I've been lacking so much. Time to get back on it.

Now that school's around.. It's just been too hard. I don't know where my partner is at lately. But I'll try my best to update again. :D - LamNguyen

Slow Rnb|AM Kidd - Better Than You.mp3|Must Have!

Mid Rnb|Chris Brown - All About You.mp3|

Mid Rnb|Bei Maejor - Till We Get It Right.mp3|Must Have!!

Mid Rnb|Rock City - Body Guard.mp3|

Slow Rnb|Steven Lee Olsen - Love Me.mp3| Must Have!!

Slow Rnb|connor Maynard -Lay In My Bed.mp3| Must Have!

Mid Rnb|Jason Derulo - Pick Up the Pieces| Must Have! (No Player for this one!)

July 23, 2011


I'm such a lazy ass! Omgg. Back to updating! I promise. No lies . - LamBoy

Mid Rnb|Drew Ryan Scott - Kiss Kiss.mp3|★★★★★★ *MUST HAVE!!*

Mid Rnb|Lee Carr - So Amazing.mp3|★★★★★★

Slow Rnb|Rico Love - Just A Dream.mp3|★★★★

Fast Rnb|Charles Reed - Life In The Lights.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|D. Brown - No Chaser.mp3|★★★★★

July 7, 2011


I gotta start going back to this . >_< Well here you go . :D Spread the word?

Mid Rnb|Stevie Hoang – All I Have Is Love.mp3|★★★★★★ *MUST HAVE!!*

Mid Rnb|Ryan Tedder - Let Go.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Bilal - Your Window (Acoustic).mp3|★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Jason Chen feat. D Nemz & Venemuz - Lighters (Bad Meets Evil & Bruno Mars Cover).mp3| ★★★★★★ *MUST HAVE!!* Uhh. It says its like 72 minutes. But really it's like 4 - 5.

Mid Rnb|Lee Carr - What's It Gonna Be (Final).mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|Adrienne Bailon – Chase The Wind.mp3|★★★★★

Slow Rnb|Chris Brown-Marvin's Room Remix.mp3|★★★★

June 30, 2011


Sorry about the delay. I've tend to become lazy, as most people . :D

Fast Rnb|J.Randall feat. David Guetta - History.mp3|★★★★★★ *Must Have!*

Slow Rnb|Chris Brown - Up To You.mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|Lil Eddie - Alive.mp3|★★★★★★


Mid Rnb|Jackie Boyz - I Love You.mp3|★★★★

June 24, 2011


Mid Rnb|Aj Rafael - Red Roses.mp3|★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Mark Agustin - Lonely.mp3|★★★★★★

Slow Rnb|Joseph Vincent - Replay.mp3|★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Maribelle Anes & D-Pryde - Love You.mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|Lil Eddie - Strangers All Over Again.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Romeo Dinero - Come Back To Me.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Titus Johnson - Only One Today.mp3|★★★★★

I'm Coming Back! (:

I saw a message from someone in the chat and they said we need to keep doing what we're doing. And that made me come back here. Well i'm gonna start uploading again! Starting tomorrow daily updates!

June 17, 2011

June 4, 2011

Ayeee (:

Look who's back ! Spread the word ! For fastest music go to (: Help us get back on our feet! - LN

Mid Rnb|Bad Meets Evil - Lighters.mp3|★★★★★★ MUST HAVE !!

Slow Rnb|Chris Mann - Be Good to Me.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Chris Medina - What Are Words.mp3|★★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Shane Harper - One Step Closer.mp3|★★★★★

Slow Rnb|Unknown - So Happy.mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|US5 - If you leave.mp3|★★★★

May 30, 2011