January 31, 2012

"You never know if it's gonna last. I guess that's what scares me sometimes."

Mid R&B!

Backstreet Boys - Rebel|★★★★★

Robert (Day 26) - Free|★★★★

Yuns - She's Gone|★★★★

Slow R&B!

Unknown - Off The Hook|★★★★★

January 30, 2012

"I was thinking bout life, thinking bout time, thinking like I'm losing my mind."

Slow R&B|Chrishan Ft. Che'Nelle - Here On Earth|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B|Elliot Yamin - 3 Words|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B|Johnta Austin - Heartbreak Heard Around The World|*MUST HAVE!!*

January 29, 2012

"Never meant to fall in love, you can call it an accident."

Starting February 1st, This website is taking a whole change (: Brought to you by Lam And Edlene (Fag) - Lalalam(:

Mid R&B|Unknown - Accident|*MUST HAVE!*

K-Pop!|티아라 (T-ara) - Lovey Dovey|*Hot!*

K-Pop!|Teen Top - Crazy|*Hot!*

January 28, 2012

"This is the part when we say we're in love and the part where we have our first kiss."

Mid R&B|Aj Rafael - Starlit Night|*HOT!*

Slow R&B|Aj Rafael - When We Say|*MUST HAVE!*

Slow R&B|Lil Eddie - My Rival|*MUST HAVE!*

January 27, 2012

January 25, 2012

"We were young and in love. You know how that story goes."

Mid R&B|Bei Maejor - Angel On Earth|*NICE!*

Mid R&B|J Angel - Take It All|*MUST HAVE!*

Slow R&B|Jason Chen Ft. Megan Nicole - It Boy - It Girl|*MUST HAVE!*

Fast R&B|Nexx Chapter - Just Not Myself|*HOT*

Slow R&B|Sam Hook - My Bestfriends Girlfriend|*HOT!*

January 22, 2012

"If I could fall into the sky. Do you think time would pass me by?"

Mid R&B|Alex Goot & Boyce Avenue - A Thousand Miles (Acoustic Cover)|*MUST HAVE!!

Slow R&B|Jaicko Lawrence - Don't Give Up On Us (Snippet)|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B|Jeremy Greene - Save U|*HOT*

January 19, 2012

"I'm sick and tired of being sick, I'm tired of you that I'm missing."

I wonder how many people actually come here ..

Mid R&B|Eric Turner - Written In The Stars 2.0|*MUST HAVE!*

Fast R&B|Jay Sean&Taeyang - Lights Off|*MUST HAVE*


Mid R&B|JLS - Proud|*MUST HAVE!*

Slow R&B|Matt Cab - Strip (Cover)|*MUST HAVE!!*

January 18, 2012


These are all old, but still relevant. I guesss. :)

Fast Rnb|August - Return to You|*HOT*

Slow Rnb|Mikey Bustos - Every time My Heart Beats|*NICE*

Mid Rnb|Ne-Yo - Easy|*NICE*

January 16, 2012


Slow R&B|Mat Brandon - Just Us Two|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B|Mat Brandon - Lay Me Down|*HOT!*

January 15, 2012


Mid R&B|Max Schneider - Breakeven|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B|ONE - Down The Road|*NICE*

Mid R&B|Kenny Ray Ft. Staz - Fight For You|*MUST HAVE!*

January 13, 2012


Mid R&B|Royalty - Brown Eyed Girl|*MUST HAVE*

Mid R&B|Ranger$ - Number One Dime|*MUST HAVE*

Mid R&B|Tinie Tempah Ft. Bei Maejor - So Addicted|*MUST HAVE!*

January 12, 2012


Mid Rnb| Aziatix ft. Stevie Hoang - So Incredible|*MUST HAVE*

Mid Rnb| Frankie J - This I Promise You|*MUST HAVE!*

January 5, 2012


Edlene, I'm gonna have to beat your ass.

Slow R&B!|Bruno Mars - It Will Rain (Acoustics)|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B!|Deemah - Should Have Kissed You|*NICE!*

Slow R&B!|Passion - Well Done|*MUST HAVE!!*

January 2, 2012


Thinking whether or not to add Korean Music back into our selections. Help spread the word on our music page. :D - LamBoy

Mid R&B!|Alex Goot Ft. Kurt Schneider - How to Save A Life|*OMG MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B!|Chris Brown - I Need This|*MUST HAVE!*

Mid R&B!|Dean Raven - No Air (Chris Brown Cover)|*MUST HAVE!*