June 30, 2011


Sorry about the delay. I've tend to become lazy, as most people . :D

Fast Rnb|J.Randall feat. David Guetta - History.mp3|★★★★★★ *Must Have!*

Slow Rnb|Chris Brown - Up To You.mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|Lil Eddie - Alive.mp3|★★★★★★


Mid Rnb|Jackie Boyz - I Love You.mp3|★★★★

June 24, 2011


Mid Rnb|Aj Rafael - Red Roses.mp3|★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Mark Agustin - Lonely.mp3|★★★★★★

Slow Rnb|Joseph Vincent - Replay.mp3|★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Maribelle Anes & D-Pryde - Love You.mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|Lil Eddie - Strangers All Over Again.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Romeo Dinero - Come Back To Me.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Titus Johnson - Only One Today.mp3|★★★★★

I'm Coming Back! (:

I saw a message from someone in the chat and they said we need to keep doing what we're doing. And that made me come back here. Well i'm gonna start uploading again! Starting tomorrow daily updates!

June 17, 2011

June 4, 2011

Ayeee (:

Look who's back ! Spread the word ! For fastest music go to lamhoangnguyen.tumblr.com (: Help us get back on our feet! - LN

Mid Rnb|Bad Meets Evil - Lighters.mp3|★★★★★★ MUST HAVE !!

Slow Rnb|Chris Mann - Be Good to Me.mp3|★★★★

Slow Rnb|Chris Medina - What Are Words.mp3|★★★★★★

Mid Rnb|Shane Harper - One Step Closer.mp3|★★★★★

Slow Rnb|Unknown - So Happy.mp3|★★★★

Mid Rnb|US5 - If you leave.mp3|★★★★