May 30, 2011

May 15, 2011


Hey! Sorry about not updating as much! But I'm here to tell you that I'm gonna be doing a update marathon! For maybe 26 days or more I will add 3 - 6 songs per day! This will start sometime around May 18th after my surgery. Check back daily! -Lnguyen(:

May 10, 2011


Hey everybody, it's Lam. My laptop broke and I won't have any way of updating, so I won't update for awhile. Also I recently I broke my dominant hand making my life so limited to things now. I will still try my best into bringing you guys updates. - LNguyen.

May 1, 2011


Here's New Ratings!
★★★ - Nice !
★★★★ - Very Nice!
★★★★★+ - MUST HAVE!

Fast R&B

Spadez feat. Jessica Ashley -Mr. Mystery.mp3★★★★

Middle R&B

Mateo Amarei - That Guy.mp3★★★

MirImage - Deep.mp3★★★

RL (Of Next) - Stay Strong.mp3★★★★

O’Keith Stewart - When Your In Love.mp3★★★★