September 18, 2011

Guess what's back!?

Well the fact that we're back into updating again, but what's back is..
KOREAN MUSIC! After a long duration without Korean music, I thought it would be nice to do it again. :D Well enjoy what I have so far, also i think I we might just keep the music players. Seems like a better idea. :D - LNguyen

K-Pop|B1A4- Beautiful Target.mp3|*Nice*

K-Pop|Cha Cha Malone feat. Jay Park - Single Life.mp3|*Must Have!!*

K-Pop|JYJ (Kim Jaejoong) - I'll Protect You [Protect the Boss OST].mp3|*Hot*

Mid Rnb|Claude Kelly - 10 feet Tall.mp3|*Must Have!*

Mid Rnb|Claude - Take My Breath Away.mp3|*Hot*

Mid Rnb|Cody Simpson - Reason To Love.mp3|*Must Have!!*

September 15, 2011

September 15th 2011

I won't be adding the players, due to lack of people here and that it takes more time. I'm sorry! Just click on the link and listen. :) - LNguyen

Mid Rnb|August - Dangerous
Mid Rnb|Dez - You Where There.mp3
Mid Rnb|Matt Palmer - Fall For You (Another Version) Must Have!!!
Mid Rnb|T-Pain - 1000 Miles.mp3

Slow Rnb|Dean Raven - Baby It's you
Slow Rnb|Dean Raven - Someone Like You Must Have!!!
Slow Rnb|Unknown - Perfect Two.mp3| Must Have!!!

September 10, 2011

I've been lacking so much. Time to get back on it.

Now that school's around.. It's just been too hard. I don't know where my partner is at lately. But I'll try my best to update again. :D - LamNguyen

Slow Rnb|AM Kidd - Better Than You.mp3|Must Have!

Mid Rnb|Chris Brown - All About You.mp3|

Mid Rnb|Bei Maejor - Till We Get It Right.mp3|Must Have!!

Mid Rnb|Rock City - Body Guard.mp3|

Slow Rnb|Steven Lee Olsen - Love Me.mp3| Must Have!!

Slow Rnb|connor Maynard -Lay In My Bed.mp3| Must Have!

Mid Rnb|Jason Derulo - Pick Up the Pieces| Must Have! (No Player for this one!)