December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

Mid Rnb| August - Break My Heart |*HOT*

Slow Rnb| Bei Maejor - Heavenly Beautiful |*HOT*

Mid Rnb| Bei Maejor - Picking Poison |*HOT*

Slow Rnb| David Sides ft. Sem - Lay In My Bed (Cover)|*MUST HAVE!* Second Version Hereee

Mid Rnb| Mike Winans - Nobody |*HOT*

December 30, 2011

Song of the day! Dec. 30th 2011

I'll tell Edlene to update later on. But here's the song of the day! - LamBoy.

I had to edit this song myself. >_< sorrry.
Slow Rnb|Justin Bieber - U Got It Bad&Because Of You(Mash up)|*MUST HAVE!!*

Slow RnB|Tank - My Heart|*MUST HAVE!!*

December 28, 2011

December 26, 2011

Dec. 26 2011

For New Years, I promise to update as much as possible. If Edlene doesn't, I'm gonna have to beat her up. - LamBoy(:

Mid Rnb|Frank Ocean - Girlfriend's Best Friend|*Hot*

Mid Rnb|Kevin Ross - Gone|*Must Have!*

Mid Rnb|Unknown - Last Christmas|*HOT*

Slow Rnb|Justin Bieber - Christmas Eve|*Must Have!*

December 23, 2011

Dec. 23 2011

:D Here you go.

Mid Rnb|Claude Kelly - International Love|*HOT*

Mid Rnb|Colby O Donis - In Love With You|*HOT*

Mid Rnb|Justin Bieber - All I Want Is You|*MUST HAVE*

December 22, 2011

Dec. 22 2011


Mid Rnb|Javier Colon - A Drop In The Ocean|*OMG! MUST HAVE!!!*

Slow Rnb|Nasri - It's Again|*MUST HAVE!!*

December 19, 2011

Dec 19. 2011

Mid Rnb|Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself|*MUST HAVE!!*

December 17, 2011

Dec. 17 2011

We're sluffin. :((

Mid Rnb|Bryan J - Open Your Eyes|*MUST HAVE*
Mid Rnb|Elliot Yamin - Walk|*MUST HAVE!*
Mid Rnb|Jackie Boyz - Perfect Day|*HOT*
Mid Rnb|Jeremy Greene - Fools Gold|*HOT*
Mid Rnb|Justin Bieber - Forever|*NICE!*