January 10, 2011

January 10

It's not my fault girls can sing.

Fast Rnb

Stevie Hoang ft. Mr. Smith - Before You Go.mp3<333333333! Oldddd.
Unknown - Easy To Lovin You.mp3<33 Girl song. :D

Middle Rnb

Boyz II Men - 100 Percent.mp3<333
J. Minor - Summer Love.mp3<333 Even though it isn't summer.
Johnta Austin - The Way You Love Me.mp3<3333 So short. :(
Nasri - Bad Time For Love.mp3<3
Robert (Of Day26) - Free .mp3

Slow Rnb

Claude - Under Your Wings.mp3<3333333 AMAZINGGG!
Day 26 - Over Now.mp3<333

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