January 18, 2011

January 18

Why do I upload so many songs lately? Oh well. Enjoy every update! And help support! - Lam P.s. I'm not gay for uploading female artist songs; just I have good taste in music.


2AM I Love You.mp3<3
Brian Joo - My Girl.mp3<333
Girls' Generation - 힘 내! (Way To Go).mp3<333
G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better.mp3<333
Oneway - One way.mp3

Untouchable - Living In The Heart.mp3<33
Untouchable - Tell Me Why.mp3<33

Middle Rnb

Donnie J - Do It All Again.mp3

Donnie J - Say I ain`t right.mp3<3
Frankie J - How To Deal.mp3<33333
J-Co - Air.mp3

Jessica Mauboy - Let Me Be Me.mp3

Jordyn Taylor - Strong.mp3<33
JYJ - Be My Girl.mp3<3333!
Lil Eddie Ft. Heather Bright - Why You Wanna Love Me Now.mp3<33333333!
Shayne Ward - Melt The Snow.mp3<33333
Shayne Ward - No You Hang Up.mp3<33 Cute song

Slow Rnb

David Choi - By My Side.mp3

Gio - Every Breath.mp3<333
Git Fresh - Miss A.mp3<33
Stevie Hoang - Cry No More.mp3<3

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